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Rubber Teeth Cleaning Ball (Natural)

Rubber Teeth Cleaning Ball (Natural)

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About this item:

Our Pet Dog Toys Stretch Rubber Leaking Ball is the perfect interactive toy for your furry friend! Made from non-toxic natural rubber, these tough and durable balls help clean teeth and prevent plaque buildup. Stuff them with pet snacks for added excitement! Ideal for IQ training and outdoor games, these toys keep your pet entertained and prevent boredom and destructive chewing.

Advantages :

- Helps clean teeth and prevent plaque and tartar buildup.
- Made of non-toxic natural rubber material, which is more durable, healthy, and puncture-resistant than PVC and TPR.
- Can be stuffed with pet snacks for added excitement.
- Ideal for IQ training and outdoor games, keeping your pet entertained and preventing boredom and destructive chewing.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Kennedi Green

Serin top👍, Aldı için küçük bir mini araba, köpek mutlu.

Bethany Cummerata

Sipariş geldi oldukça hızlı, sadece iki hafta sürdü. Top pretty sevimli olmasına rağmen, ben olacağını düşündüm daha büyük. Kedi hemen vermedi ne o anlamak için gerekli oldu, ama hala salladı biraz ve çiğnenmiş. Genel olarak, takdir))) satıcı kesinlikle tavsiye ve dilek iyi şanslar.

Mercedes Reichel

God save the man who came up with such a toy. The dog just tugs with it for about 40 minutes, gets tired and falls asleep.
For small and medium-sized breeds or large puppies, a large dog will turn the ball into a bunch of rubber stub in a short time, because the rubber is very soft.
The delivery is fast.

Mckenna Nitzsche

Cool rubber, it is convenient to put food in there, which gnaws

Violet Abbott

Boyut sandığımdan daha küçüktü, ama birkaç bichon 10 aylık beslenmem yok.
Ama iyi oynayıp yemek yemediğinde, bana burada çiçek verirsen, çok iyi yerim.